Irrigation Design

Irrigation Design, Nolensville, TN Thinking about getting an irrigation system? Have a professional design it first! Just like a construction project, a design is fundamental for any size project to insure you get what you are paying for.

We are stepping away from the industry sub par standard of giving bids by estimating the “number of zones.” With a short consultation between our Professional Designer and you, our client, not only can we provide you with a Professional Design but also provide the knowledge and understanding of your irrigation system.

Why you need our Professional Designer

  • A broad knowledge of irrigation equipment, and installation.
  • To design your system using the latest advancements in irrigation efficiency.
  • To insure your system is installed correctly with current irrigation practices.
  • The Designer represents you, getting the product you want.
  • Horticulture background to relate the irrigation needs required by the landscape.
  • Perform an evaluation of an existing irrigation system, provide system upgrades.
  • Consulting, thinking about getting a system or problems with current system.

Top-Notch Irrigation Services

Unlike other companies that use substandard irrigation materials and supplies, we never scrimp on them but always use the finest supplies that we have. We are highly reliable installers who listen to our clients’ needs and desires. Our ultimate goal is to properly irrigate our clients’ landscapes so they can enjoy the sight of healthy trees, lush lawns, and stunning garden flowers.

Being a one-stop irrigation services company, we can cover all your needs – from design and installation to repair and maintenance:

  • Irrigation design. Installing irrigation system is more ideal with a working design plan. This ensures that the right fittings go in the right spots and that there will be optimum supply of water to all the plantings. It will also make the landscape look neat and avoid accidents with protruding or ill-positioned irrigation parts.

  • Installation. Only experts like us should handle the installation of your choice irrigation system. We have complete tools and we know how to install specific parts correctly. We will also perform quality audit to ensure that the entire system will function efficiently.

  • Repair and maintenance. One way of avoiding costly repairs is through proper irrigation system maintenance. And part of our irrigation services is performing thorough maintenance of all system components. In case a part accidentally bogs down or gets damaged, we can also apply a quick fix so the irrigation will be back on service.

Efficient Irrigation Systems at Affordable Rates

One thing that we are extremely proud of here at Artisan Landscaping Group is our resolve to use only the best irrigation products in the projects that we handle. We have partners who supply us with top-notch products at low rates so we are able to bring down our irrigation services rates. Moreover, we have certified technicians, so clients in Nolensville and other areas we serve are assured of reliable and long-lasting irrigation systems. What more can you ask for?

Having worked on countless projects before, we can assure our clients that the irrigation systems that we install are highly efficient. For example, we have automated sprinkler systems and other irrigation products with modern features such as smart controllers that make the entire system hands free. These features are absolutely to the benefit of clients since they won’t have to worry about when and how to irrigate the landscape. They can also save on water bills since these systems are water efficient.

If you need reliable and professional irrigation services, don’t think twice about hiring Artisan Landscaping Group. Call 615-776-7456 now.