Pre Installation

Floriculture, Nolensville, TN The secret to a great seasonal color display begins with our designer providing you, the owner, with the appropriate plant color and texture mixtures for you to choose from. There are many factors that come into play during the design phase, such as.

  1. Is the planting area located on the north, south, east or west sides of the property?
  2. Is there an existing irrigation system or will you be relying on hand watering or natural rainfall for your watering needs?
  3. Budget will play a big part because of the large variance in the cost of the different varieties.


Once your color display has been chosen the next step is the installation. This starts with the removal and disposal of any existing seasonal color. We then will till in at a minimum of 8” in depth the appropriate soil conditioners, apply the appropriate fertilizer and herbicide mixture over the freshly tilled soil. We then plant the flowers and mulch around them for water retention with pine fine mulch. Next we will apply a water-soluble fertilizer and fungicides.

Post Installation

The continued success of the seasonal planting will depend on the service. This service will include two more applications of the appropriate fertilizer and fungicide mixtures, pre-emergent weed control application and pruning. For the sites that are under a grounds management contract, weeding of these beds will be performed weekly.

If you allow us to professionally design, install and maintain your seasonal color, we guarantee that your displays will be vibrant and beautiful, bringing your site to life.

The beauty and balance of your landscape depend on various aspects. You need the right mix of hardscaping and softscaping and choose the right kind of plantings and flowers. Since different plants bloom at different times of the year, you must make the right garden flower choices to ensure that your outdoor spaces stay colorful throughout the year. However, various other considerations must be kept in view while choosing flowering plants for landscapes.

Professional Floriculture Services

At Artisan Landscape Group, our focus is always on providing clients with excellent value for money. We offer a wide range of landscaping services, including floriculture. As skilled horticulturists, we have the experience and expertise to provide our clients with the right kind of advice when selecting the blooms for flower beds.

We understand that in addition to lending a pop of color to the outdoor spaces, the right kind of flowering plants will also support the aesthetic of other features and installations in that space.

Water-Efficient Floriculture Solutions

We focus on aspects such as water efficiency and look for plants that have similar watering names. This approach saves you a significant amount of money in the long term and is also good for the environment. Our expertise lies in creating perfectly balanced, superb-looking landscapes with the right shrubs, plants, and blooms.

For any more information regarding our floriculture services, feel free to contact Artisan Landscape Group at 615-776-7456. You can also send us your requirements and queries through this online form, and we will respond within the shortest possible time.